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CH News – Cannabis and Opioid Addiction – April 18th, 2017

Cannabis helps with Opioid addiction


Story from The Globe and Mail – January, 2003
One time Activist too tired to fight …

Cannabis A to Z … Tic Douloureux

Here is a great link for hundreds of articles on many diseases which Cannabis can be used to treat.

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the present Liberal Government:

Over 15 years ago I turned to the Canadian Federal Government and the Media for help to legalize cannabis as medicine, for the people of our Country.

It seems now the present Liberal Government is more determined to legalize cannabis for the general masses, rather than make sure the critically and chronically ill people of Canada who choose cannabis as medicine, are taken care of and have quality of life.

Where did this take such a nasty turn? When did PROFIT become more important than LIFE?

I have been battling chronic progressive multiple sclerosis from childhood and also suffer from an associated excruciating pain in my face and head – BOTH sides – known as “the worst pain known to medicine” called BILATERAL Trigeminal Neuralgia (aka Tic Douloureux), twenty-four hours a day, EVERY day. I have been fighting this violent pain CONSTANTLY for almost thirty years.

I will turn 53 years old in January 2017. My maternal great grandfather Peter McPherson, had this excruciating pain as well and they treated him with hot liquid gold injections in his face over 100 years ago. Thank GOD that was not an option for me!

Doctors instead gave me 32 pills, up to 2000 mg of morphine, heroin AND cocaine daily for 18 years for relief from my excruciating pain and other symptoms associated with MS. I couldn’t stop throwing up and struggled to get out of bed and on my feet daily. 

I could not get out of my electric wheelchair. That – was BEFORE cannabis.

Now, without a consistent supply of cannabis as medicine, I am reverting back to how I USED to be.

For the last few years, I, like many critically and chronically ill Canadians, have had trouble finding and securing a permanent and continuous source of medical cannabis in order to relieve the symptoms from my devastating condition – but no one in the Government seems to care. 

I have been struggling to make it up my 13 really steep stairs for months now, have been fighting this violent pain in my face and head all day everyday (WORSE than EVER) specifically due to my not having my full amount of Doctor-prescribed medical cannabis.

All I am asking for is some compassion from the Liberal Government and for the Media and people of our Country not to ignore us.

We are suffering and DESPERATE.

PLEASE help us.

Affordability is a KEY issue.

Thank you.


Alison Myrden 


Federal Medical Cannabis Exemptee in Canada since 1994

Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Joint Host – The PACE Radio Show on Lifestyle Radio

Speaker for LPP – Lawmen Protecting Patients

Canadian Patient Representative for the IACM – Bonn, Germany
International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines

Alison Myrden is part of the marijuana majority. Are you?

NDP Candidate for Oakville, Ontario 2004 – New Democratic Party of Canada

Marijuana Touted by Some as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Written by Caroline Craven | Published on October 31, 2016

Article in Healthline.com

Will medical marijuana prove to be a miracle treatment for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)?

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society says there are uncertainties about how effective marijuana is in relieving MS symptoms. But the organization supports the right of patients to work with healthcare providers to access medical marijuana where legal.

Supporters of medicinal marijuana are more forceful in their advocacy.

On the website herb.com, supporters say medicinal marijuana has been “widely successful” in treating MS symptoms. They list seven ways they say cannabis eases MS symptoms.

Read more: The effects of alcohol, coffee, and smoking on multiple sclerosis »

Long history of treatment

Cannabis has been used since ancient times for a variety of conditions.

In 2011, a cannabis extract was first approved in Germany for the treatment of spasticity in people with MS.

Since then, only two synthetic drugs containing THC have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are Marinol and Cesamet, used for treating nausea in people undergoing chemotherapy and people with HIV.

The only naturally occurring THC-based drug — the oral spray Sativex — used for the treatment of spasticity in people with MS, is approved in several countries including France, Canada, and Sweden. However, it is currently not available in the United States.

Although the FDA has not approved any product containing botanical marijuana, FDA officials say they understand there is considerable interest in the use of the substance to treat a number of medical conditions, including MS.

And while studies continue to recognize the benefits, many people are not waiting for FDA approval. Self-medicating with marijuana is common, with the most frequently reported conditions being pain, anxiety, depression, headache and migraine, nausea, and muscle spasticity.

Read more: Stem cell treatment shows promise for multiple sclerosis »

How it works

Cannabis works with the endocannabinoid (EC) system in the human body via the CB1 and CB2 receptors by mimicking natural chemicals created in the body.

This action encourages growth and activity within the EC system.

The EC system is found throughout the brains and bodies of all mammals. It influences memory, energy, balance, metabolism, response to stress, and more. Basically everything that can be affected in a person with MS.

While receptor C1 is found primarily in the brain and C2 in the immune system, both receptors have been found on immune cells suggesting a strong relationship between THC and immunosuppression.

By mimicking chemicals in the body, cannabis has been found to promote neurogenesis and even stimulate growth in the myelin sheath, both necessary steps in stopping the progression of MS.

Read more: Telemedicine helping MS patients »

Why use it

Pain is the most common cause for the use of medical marijuana in the general population, while the most common use for those with MS is for spasticity and tremors.

Pain throughout the body may be targeted with ingesting or vaporizing cannabis, while a specific spasm might be treated with a topical ointment or transdermal patch.

Cannabis has shown continued success in helping people with MS control bladder issues such as incontinence and leakage with only a few side effects, suggesting it is a safe and effective treatment for other symptoms in people with MS.

Losing sleep is not just an annoyance. It can cause fatigue and depression and affect mental stability and cognitive function. Cannabinoids have been found to help with sleep issues and prevent worsening symptoms.

Inflammation is considered the root of many illnesses and known to cause MS symptoms and relapses. Due to the interaction with receptors C1 and C2, cannabinoids are considered potent anti-inflammatories, a critical element in reducing MS activity.

There are several ways to take cannabis including ingestion, smoking, vaporizing, and topical use. Any kind of smoking can cause injury to the large airways and promote chronic bronchitis, and is not considered a safe way to take cannabis. Edibles, while considered safer, are sometimes difficult to measure with regard to the THC quantity.

Using a vaporizer has shown to be a safe and efficient way to take medicinal cannabis. And topical ointments and dermal patches provide an easy way to target specific areas on the body.

While some medical facilities and professionals are still opposed to medical marijuana, a growing number of doctors and clinics across the country are calling for more extensive and representative clinical trials as a result of a significant number of successful studies.

AUGUST 11th, 2016 – WE WON!

Go to Alison’s Media Court Cases for more information – Court Cases

Alison is a Joint Host once a month on The PACE Radio Show on Lifestyle Radio Network …
LISTEN IN – August 11, 2016
Latest PACE Radio Show with guest Justin Loizos

OTTAWA Weekend Protest July 2016

Blocking traffic on Wellington Street and winning at the OLG Rideau Raceway/Slots made for a great weekend for Cannabis patients!

2011 – Brad Hails wrote this song for Alison after she was asked to leave a fundraiser she organized for Marc Emery because she was consuming her medicine (cannabis)  outside in the parking lot in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


Another successful Global Marijuana March in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 7, 2016 … An estimated 20,000 happy Cannabis supporters marched and gathered at Queen’s Park.

Global Marijuana March Toronto

Hi …  I’m on a Mission!

The Government of Canada has given me a prescription that I can’t fill!

My name is Alison and I am 52 years old, have Chronic Progressive MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and LEFT-side AND now RIGHT-side  Bilateral TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA (a.k.a. Tic Douloureux ) “The worst pain known to medicine”.  After symptoms dating back to Cheerleading in High School, I was finally diagnosed in October 1992 at the age of 28, back to the age of 10 and 11 years old, with this puzzling, excruciatingly painful disease.

Almost 24 years ago I had my most serious Exacerbation to date and lost full use of my body from the waist down.  After many years off and on a walker, utilizing a wheelchair more often than I liked AND working with some wonderful therapists, I am happy to say I now walk most days with a cane.  Sadly I was consuming very small amounts of cannabis through my Doctors back then, but none of us knew the incredible benefits in those days…

As of June 2013, thanx to the Federal Conservative Government of Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Canadian Police, I am once again – without a steady supply of cannabis as medicine AND a LEGAL garden – and my health, is suffering.

I am frustratingly in my electric wheelchair FAR more often than EVER because of this…

After being assessed by some of the TOP PAIN SPECIALISTS in this end of Canada over the last three decades, being prescribed every Opioid (now, including Methadone), trying numerous Epileptic medications and Anti-Spasmodic pharmaceuticals, following various Alternative Therapies from Acupuncture, to Infra-Orbital Nerve Blocks, in early 1994 I was introduced to MEDICAL CANNABIS for relief from the pain in my face and head that IS absolutely unbearable most days.

Soon after, I investigated all avenues trying to find help with the COST and SUPPLY of this natural substance that was giving me so much RELIEF and so FEW side effects.  (I have been on FULL disability since 1995 so affordability was a KEY FACTOR in my being able to use this as MEDICATION being given my first “prescription” for cannabis in 1994/95).

Enter the Canadian Government…

To find out more regarding my Application for an “Exemption from Section 56 of The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act” to my note on my Doctor’s Prescription Pad in 1994 stating “Alison Myrden uses cannabis for relief from Multiple Sclerosis and a terrible pain in her face associated with MS called trigeminal neuralgia” which then, ultimately turned into a License from “the Medical Marihuana Access Division” (MMAD).

In 2003 the medical cannabis Program in Canada was then turned into the “Medical Marihuana Access Regulations” also known as “MMAR” and was officially repealed as of March 31st, 2014. This controversial Program is now referred to as the “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations’ or the MMPR.

In the process, our former Prime Minister Stephen Harper introduced Licensed Producers or LP’s to Canada and the World of cannabis as medicine in Canada.  These LP’s are now “selling” OUR MEDICINE at EXORBITANT prices to Patients like myself.

NOT acceptable!

Does anyone seriously think PATIENTS in the World can afford these prices? THIS –  Is WHY we are fighting for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to choose ANYTHING licit or ILLICIT to feel better AND to keep our medical cannabis gardens intact here in Canada!

Now, Judge Phelan (the presiding Judge in our Injunction against the Canadian Federal Government launched in the fall of 2013), has recently (April 2016) “Reserved his Judgement” from the Federal Court in British Columbia, Canada, “to allow address changes” and “carry amounts” etc.  Once, AGAIN, our Canadian Government  is making Patients who are critically and chronically ill wait for an answer for OUR ISSUES to come down on the SAME DAY the Federal Government is announcing what they will do with RECREATIONAL cannabis in Canada!!!  (August 24th, 2016)

How absolutely EGREGIOUS and HEARTLESS can this Government BE?

Please read on…

I have been smoking CANNABIS as MEDICINE through my Doctors for over 20 years; I have had face pain for over 23 years. I have been living with this pain around the clock 24/7 for over 20 years as of the Summer of 2011 and have been battling MS symptoms since childhood.

I smoke half of a small Marijuana cigarette every 1/2 hour to hour to relieve the excruciating pain I experience in the left and nw RIGHT side of my face and head every day ALL DAY around the clock – WHEN I CAN AFFORD IT.

Now, years later, the violent pain I have lived with on the left sde of my face and head – has taken the pain I experience to a whole new level and has now developed the SAME pattern on the RIGHT side of my face and head as well – ALSO TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY – settling most days, as one tiny, pin-prick spot, deeeep in my right ear or, smack dab – in the middle of my forehead…. Owwwwwww……

I don’t know WHERE I would be without my Doctors SUPPORTING my use of cannabis as medicine here in Canada and ALL of the Angels across this Nation who have helped me to find SOME quality of life in this highly controversial issue. I thank you ALL from deep within.

Cannabis as medicine has helped me to come down from almost 2000 mg of Morphine per day. (Enough to kill three horses they tell me). It has helped ELIMINATE my leg spasms. It helped my bladder problems. It took away my nausea and stopped my constant vomiting. It has helped other symptoms that I wasn’t expecting.  I am alert and functional after smoking and am NOT addicted to it.

When will people understand that this is NOT a “hard drug” and that it DOES BENEFIT some of us MEDICINALLY!!!???   I have now come down from over 30 pills per day, heroin AND cocaine for symptoms ranging from nerve pain, to bladder dysfunction, to muscle spasms, to a third of my PREVIOUS total and now try to rely on cannabis as much as possible for relief.

I cannot stress how much my quality of life has improved since being introduced to this WONDERFUL, NATURAL plant! I just PRAY that others do not suffer like I have trying to educate the masses as to the use of some of these substances in medicine – and realize that cannabis – at least for ME – IS the answer.

I wish those of you luck who have approached your Doctors.   I did and with their help, I am now one of over 50,000 people in Canada to be given an Exemption or a LEGAL License, to be sanctioned by Health Canada and the Canadian Government to smoke and possess a “restricted Doctor approved amount” of this MEDICATION  anywhere in this country. At the same time the Federal Canadian Government took away our LEGAL RIGHT to grow our own cannabis medicine and introduced LP’s April 1, 2014 – or Licensed Producer’s – to SELL our medicine to us at an OUTRAGEOUS price! How on EARTH are we suppose to AFFORD these retail outlets???

Sadly again, a lot of medical cannabis patients have been affected by an Injunction that our Legal Team consisting of John Conroy QC (Queens Counsel) and Kirk Tousaw among others, had filed in a British Columbia Court on November 29th, 2013, affecting ALL medical cannabis patients and caregivers who were LEGALLY LICENSED to Possess AND Grow under the MMPR here in Canada up until March 31st, 2014.

Ultimately, we are waiting for an answer to allow those of us under the MMPR to CONTINUE to grow our OWN cannabis and take care of ourselves, or have someone we love and trust do it for us. This should be coming soon…

Over the last year especially, I have lost the ablity to grow my own cannabis medicine due to my ever digressing health. My LEGAL garden was taken down by the Police last June of 2014 and my Rights were COMPLETELY VIOLATED. This is being handled by my Legal Team headed by my Main Lawyer, Internationally known and highly respected Attorney, Professor Alan Young, as we speak. (My Attorney in Hitzig et al)…

From the beginning of my Mission, I have been fighting for the Canadian Government to “Legalize and Regulate ALL drugs”. The “harder” the substances, the MORE they have to be legalized and regulated; have an age limit put on them; have them taken away from people who have addiction problems; taken out of the hands of our Children AND the Cartels AND – have those in power take, distribute AND control ALL of these substances as the people of our collective Countries, see fit.

Full out legalization of ALL Drugs is my Goal. “Save Our Chidren – Legalize Drugs”.

This issue has been acknowledged by the Canadian Government and they have been reviewing applications for people battling a plethora of health conditions for these medical cannabis Exemptions as they are submitted.  When word continues to get out about HOW to approach the Government of Canada for this LEGAL RIGHT, Health Canada’s and Doctors’s offices, Clinics and the like will CONTINUE to be FLOODED ACROSS our beautiful Country!!

PLEASE, those of you who believe in this as MEDICATION, talk to your Doctors – THIS – is how things change!   Be PRO-ACTIVE in your health! Ask the Doctors to fill out the forms in support of this as MEDICATION for YOUR HEALTH ISSUE(S).

There are some WONDERFUL LINKS to the many diseases which medical cannabis has been said to help, including what I suffer from – Multiple Sclerosis and Trigeminal Neuralgia (a.k.a. tic douloureux) – as well as Chronic Pain, PTSD, Depression, Spinal Cord Injury, Hepatitis C, AIDS (effects from wasting syndrome), Epilepsy, Cancer, Glaucoma, Alcoholism, Drug Dependence and hundreds – if not thousands MORE!

I just wanted too, to mention a few health conditions that I have read over the many years I have been doing this. For a List of more illnesses and health issues that cannabis can and DOES help with, please drop by my dear friend GRANNY STORM CROW’S LINK HERE to see a List of MMJ and many of the recognized conditions this incredible plant helps.

If I have given one person an alternative to some of the NEGATIVE  PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS that are out there, then MY WORK HAS ALL BEEN WORTH IT.

I understand your frustration and respect your need for a more comforting approach to the many health issues we face in our daily lives.  I am asking the Government of Canada for a SAFE, CLEAN (fungus/pesticide-free), AFFORDABLE SOURCE of this MEDICATION now that they are handing out LEGAL LICENCES.

How can the Government of Canada give us a “PRESCRIPTION” that we have to go the STREETS to fill?

This has been my battle since coming out to the MEDIA in APRIL of 2000 for help and assistance in legalizing and regulating cannabis and ALL illegal substances once and for all.

I am now helping fellow medical cannabis patients and those looking for help all across Canada and around the World, to be Licensed to consume medical cannabis to fight this issue, as their health is more than likely failing AND I believe they have ENOUGH to deal with!

I am going to make sure that no one else has to risk THEIR health in fighting this same issue.

I am making it easier for YOU and – WE – need YOUR HELP!!

I DO NOT want someone I love to have to deal with THESE ISSUES in the future as this VIOLENT PAIN is already in my Family History and has been for over two generations…

Look out Canada, and WORLD ~ I’m here to stay !!  :o)

Good Luck and Good Health to All!

Sincerely, Alison Myrden

Please Sign the Guest Book – I would love to hear what YOU have to say…

Thank You for stopping by. Please wipe your feet and make yourself at home…

Alison 😉

Here is the Story of how myself and 20 others got the very first FEDERAL Exemption for medical cannabis from the Government of Canada in the year 1999/2000…

My Medical History

The reason I looked into getting an EXEMPTION from Section 56 of “The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act” or what is now called a License in “the Medical Marijuana Access Division” (the MMAD) under a branch of Health Canada in the Canadian Government called “the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations” (MMAR) started like this…

In 1995 I started getting a sporadic stabbing pain in my left face. This was controlled for a period of time with pharmaceutical medication. First, I tried a short course of Solumedrol intravenously that relieved the pain. I continued with Prednisone for about ten days. October 1995 my pain was episodic and was kept under control with Tylenol # 3’s on an as needed basis. Next came a regular dose of Tegretol. This was increased in February ’96 to 200 mg three times a day. Pain returned and 25 mg Dantrium was added, increasing to four times a day. This was probably due more to leg spasms. In March ’96 Tegretol was increased by 200 mg because I was describing pain 8-9 out of a scale to 10.

April ’96 I was started on another well known epileptic medication called Dilantin, increasing this while decreasing Tegretol. June ’96 I was on 100 mg four times a day with relief for a few weeks. July ’96 pain came back full force and Dilantin was increased to 500 mg/day. There was still trouble with breakthrough pain. Late October ’96 pain increased, therefore I was told to increase my Dilantin 50 mg more and added Demerol 50 mg every four hours as needed or prn as per my Doctors.

November ’94 – ’95 I tried MARIJUANA with out Medical knowledge, many times knowing it was the best thing I could find for my pain and other ailments. In ’95 – ’96 my Doctor’s (Pain speicalists whom I was being sent to regularly) began over seeing my usage for the first time as medicine and I was pain free for almost 24 hours after ONE cigarette!

This I have continued for almost two decades and I now smoke on average 30, one and a half to two gram cannabis cigarettes every day and nite, vaporize my cannabis, drink it in tea and eat as many cannabis cookies and edibles that I can in a twenty four hour period – night AND day – with relief most days for 15 minutes to an hour after 1/2 a cigarette and everything else. Depending on the strain, I can have alot or a little relief, as so few strains give me any break from the excruciating pain I experience around the clock. My pain has increased dramatically over the last ten years and so has my cannabis usage. This is where I first started noticing the expense as my widowed mother and life partner Gary Lynch were paying for it…

I also noticed my pills were becoming less and less. I was not taking 32 pills a day and up to two thousand milligrams of morphine daily for relief anymore. I found I was getting relief from all of my symptoms from MS with copious amounts of cannabis and all kinds of natural substances, I no longer required all of those pharmaceuticals! After over twenty years of following this regime, life was becoming more bearable – AND I was experiencing fantastic quality of it – by using mainly high quality fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and a strong prescription for cannabis the last twenty years. I am blessed that physically I walk with a cane for balance, and only use my wheelchair for long distances or big city blocks while I am out in the Public eye fighting the horrendous global problem we call “the War on Drugs” , a big part of my fight to end prohibition.

December ’96 I tried Stadol Nasal Spray with some relief but this made me very groggy and extremely nauseous. Percocet helped a little. Tried CESAMET (synthetic cannabis capsule) with NO relief. I was at the highest level of this medication that the “Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties” or the blue “CPS book” on your Doctor’s desk, would allow. Maximum daily dose is 6 mg – I was well on my way past that, first being prescribed 9 mg a day …

February ’97 I saw a Neurosurgeon who told me that Radio Frequency Procedure was an option ( a common surgical procedure for trigeminal neuralgia).  We both decided I was TOO YOUNG to lose the feeling in my face and have my mouth eyes and heels droop and that there may be no other way to solve my problem. I told him in no uncertain terms “NO thank you”  regarding the surgery, but DID tell him about my experimentation with cannabis for relief.  He was completely supportive.    These Doctors know I AM NOT a drug addict; I am an intelligent woman who has made an INTELLIGENT  choice.

I chose cannabis …

June ’97 I saw a pain specialist who performed a Stellate Ganglion Block using 10 cc. of Marcaine-1/4 %. He did another Sphenopalatine Block two days later which gave me relief for a few hours. June ’97 I had an Infra Orbital Nerve Block which gave me 21 hours of relief. The Doctor stuck a needle the size of my whole head in the left side of my face and searched everywhere to relieve the pain! I PROMISE you – I will NEVER do THAT again – very uncomfortable…

August ’97 I was taking an average of 10 – 50 mg Demerol tablets per day. I was then switched to the Duragesic Patch – 25 mcg. This made me very nauseous,  so Stemetil an anti-emetic to stop me from throwing it all up again and again, was added. This helped a lot, but I felt VERY spacey. My dose was increased to 50 mcg after some weeks, then increased to 75 mcg where, because of drowsiness and EXCESSIVE weight loss, this was discontinued.

I lost 11 pounds in one week because neither I, nor my Doctors, had realized that smoking cannabis would be so BENEFICIAL for me!  Cannabis was actually reducing my nausea and would actually stop me from throwing up the pain medication and that it was NOT the other medications HELPING ME…???

Thank God I found that out because my quality of life was being seriously interrupted…

By September ’97 I was down to 100 mg Dilantin twice a day plus all my other medications. September ’97 I started 15 mg MS Contin (morphine sulphate) three times a day. I used Statex Nasal Spray 5 mg for breakthrough pain. This dose was gradually increased to 175 mg three times a day without much help.

In April ’98 I tried Acupuncture with some relief the first time but none after the second treatment. The pain seemed to get more intense…July ’98 my Neurologist started me on Neurontin 300 mg tid. I was soon after switched to Oxycontin (commonly known as Hillbilly Heroin) in November ’98. This made me excessively drowsy and the dose was decreased, then discontinued in May ’99. I was started on Lamictal 25 mg instead.

In September ’98 I saw another Chronic Pain Specialist/Anesthetist who started me on Sufenta Drops 50 mcg/ml 0.05-0.2 ml s.l. with pain onset. This was brought up to 0.3 ml with Morphine breakthrough 15-30 mg as needed. November ’98 I was started on Oxycontin 40 mg twice a day, the dose being increased to 600 mg twice a day by April ’99 my pain was so horrific.

In April ’99 Oxycontin was discontinued and I was started on Hydromorph Contin, 90 mg twice a day, with Hydromorph Contin 6 mg for titration. I was last on 6 – 30 mg capsules twice a day for relief with 6 mg tablets as needed or prn, 5-6 per dose.

Final count I was still going up…

Now here I am today, down quite a bit from all of the pharmaceutical pills (minus the copious amounts of morphine I continue to take daily AND have been taking for YEARS), all I believe, because of substituting with medical cannabis!

Today I continue to take up to thirty 8 mg Dilaudid every day and nite to fight this violent pain I experience in my face and head all day every day and to give me SOME quality of life. I also am able to find relief by vaporizing and smoking cannabis around the clock, eating it in cookies, consuming cannabis oil, making good uses of cannabis creams and salves and by drinking it in tea all day every day when I DO have enough.

Funny, as a disabled woman battling chronic progressive multiple sclerosis and the “worst pain known to medicine” in my face and head 24 hours a day for the last almost three decades – why is it I can run out of cannabis, but the pHARMaceuticals are ENDLESS and ALWAYS FREELY available?

Now, my next Mission is to find someone or some THING to help us AFFORD and PAY for our cannabis MEDICATION…

First step, call in any Organization/Church/Business that MAY help. No real luck. Some real “ROBIN HOODS” out there, but sadly, none for me…

Next step: Try to get a “Deal” from the people I was buying it from on the street… Good luck there.

What exactly is a DEAL??

Sadly enough, we still couldn’t afford to continue to purchase cannabis from the street at the amount I required. I have tried for a number of years to grow my own medicine but am having a hard time consistently finding a strain STRONG enough to help me AND alleviate ALL of my health problems.  ESPECIALLY the violent pain I have in my face and head 24/7!

Next plan of attack: Approach my Local Member of Parliament and ask them what to do. Sure enough my lucky day had arrived. After explaining my situation I began asking these people where I could turn. That again was October 1999.

Within a week they had mailed me out an “INTERIM GUIDANCE DOCUMENT” to take to my Doctors to fill out. I also had some writing to do I was told. First letter I wrote was to the Honorable Alan Rock (Canada’s Health Minister at the time) with a request from me to be involved in the NEXT IMMEDIATE STUDY involving “Chronic Pain and Marijuana” or “Multiple Sclerosis and Marijuana”. Alan Rock had just released a plan to initiate trial studies involving Medicinal uses of Marijuana in 1999.

I explained I NEEDED some help covering the COST of my MEDICATION -PLEASE!! My mother then wrote to Alan Rock pleading for some of the burden to be taken off of us and to somehow have the exorbitant cost of my Marijuana covered. At that time we were spending on average, $1200. 00 /mo. for me to be PAIN FREE.  HOW FAIR WAS THIS!??!

I am not only on FULL Disability, but I DIDN’T ASK for this to be the ONLY medication that actually WORKED for me!  As you can see I have tried these and many, many more treatments before turning to cannabis, only to realize that this is actually the ONLY MEDICATION that gives me relief and doesn’t have the awful side effects that I was encountering daily for over half my life…

Once my mother, Joyce Myrden, myself and my Doctors wrote letters to the Honorable Alan Rock (then Liberal Health Minister in Canada), the ball started rolling. Within five (5) months I received a response from the Office of the Minister of Health stating that there were “NO planned TRIALS involving MS and MARIJUANA”.

That turned out okay in the end, because my Doctors reminded me that I couldn’t go in a trial anyway because I “relied too heavily” on Marijuana for relief for my pain.

Darn right I do!  And again – NO, I am not ADDICTED….

From what I can find on medicinal cannabis, the chance of someone becoming “addicted” to cannabis is almost impossible. If that person is using it for MEDICINAL PURPOSES, there usually will be very few residual effects. I know with me, I get a little fuzzy for about two minutes, then I feel like any NORMAL person does within seconds. I am also pain free in 2 to 3 minutes when I SMOKE the correct strain – VERY IMPORTANT for someone like me whose pain increases so quickly. If I don’t catch it, I am in more EXCRUCIATING pain in minutes… That is why pills would RARELY work – they take too long to get where they are SUPPOSED to be…

As of March 21, 2000, I was one of the first twenty people in our Country who applied to the Canadian Government to have access to cannabis as medicine.

Now I hear, there are over 50,000 people in Canada, so far, to be given a License for medical marijuana under “the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations” (MMAR) in the Medical Marijuana Access Division (MMAD) at Health Canada in May of 2016.

Wadda mouthful!

All I know is, once again, I was one of the first twenty people in Canada to be given this ground breaking Constitutional Right.

As of April 1, 2014, Canada and Prime Minister Harper had introduced “Licensed Producers” or LP’s of medical cannabis into the equation. To date there are fifteen Fully Authorized Licensed medical cannabis Producers and eight Producers for Cultivation ONLY. As IF patients like us could afford these new LP’S????

We are in Court with “the MMAR Coalition against Repeal” fighting for the last three years to MAINTAIN our RIGHT to grow our own AND take care of ourselves and those we love. The answers as of Monday, February 23, 2015 are that Legally Licensed Patients CAN CONTINUE TO GROW if our addresses and other limitations are properly met.

We are in B.C., Court anticipating a HUGE WIN FOR PATIENTS all across our beautiful Country any day with the results from Justice Phelan and our much talked about Injunction put against the changes to our medical cannabis program that the CONSERVATIVE Government of Canada brought in, in 2014!

Eyes crossed!

It will be a momentous decision as former Prime Minister Harper has done everything in his power to stop us from consuming this incredible plant for ANY reason.


Please stay tuned for more on the Canadian Patients who have taken this fight on for ALL IN CANADA AND also, AROUND THE WORLD for those WHO CHOOSE TO CONSUME THIS MIRACULOUS PLANT as medicine!

We are fighting for YOU! Don’t forget I have had cannabis on prescription since 1994, but knew absolutely NOTHING about whether or not it would work for me THEN……

Look at me now!

My purpose always has been to find a SAFE, CLEAN, AFFORDABLE YEAR-ROUND SUPPLY of CANNABIS –  for not only myself, but for ALL of the other people in Canada and around the WORLD – who would OBVIOUSLY benefit.

Also, much love and thanx to all of the incredible people from across this beautiful Country for endless amounts of MEDICAL CANNABIS over the last number of years that has been (and is still being) sent to me for relief from this violent pain I live with daily.

HUGE LOVE to the many wonderfully compassionate people from all over the World who have been so generous and helpful in my desperate YEARS of need….

I am just sorry that with consuming some of the BEST medical cannabis in the WORLD, I still have to turn to the street here in my Country until the Government of  Canada finally leaves me and my grower(s) ALONE!

I WISH I knew WHY??

I COMPLETELY blame our former Conservative Government and STEPHEN HARPER for this despicable mess we are in as a Country!

Our hope would ultimately be that respective Countries who have people who have ALSO applied for this cannabis Exemption or License – be looked at in a different light, be given the respect they deserve and be offered a SAFE, CLEAN and AFFORDABLE SUPPLY of medical cannabis by THEIR GOVERNMENT!

Let’s see if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now that HE is in charge of Canada and our fate, can FINALLY grasp what needs to be done here in our Country with substances such as cannabis – FULL legalization and COMPLETE Regulation for Social consumers and full, unimpeded access to whole plant medicine for those who are critically, chronically ill..

THAT is ALL I ask.

I’ll keep you posted on any new developments … If you see a relevant article – Please send it along – We want this site to CONTINUE to be INTERACTIVE!


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart….
Love and a HUGE Squish,